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Joy in Wrigleyville as the Cubs keep their hopes alive.

Joy in Wrigleyville as the Cubs keep their hopes alive.


In what was more religious experience than baseball game, a lot of demons were vanquished last night at Wrigley Field.

This incredibly loyal and frustrated fan base waited 71 years to get a World Series game at Wrigley Field, and three nights to win one.

By the time the seventh inning stretch rolled around, the Cubs had a lead, they had hope, and they had a video of legend Harry Carey on the Jumbotron leading the congregation in a rendition of Wrigley Psalm 101, otherwise known as Take Me Out To The Ballgame.

Grown men were crying, octogenarians were filled with pure happiness, tens of thousands of giddy fans were swaying, some were praying, some closed their eyes to let the joy wash over them. Everyone was moved.

This would be the last game at Wrigley in what has been a magical year.

Their faith was tested in the top of the eighth when the Indians had the tying run at second with one out, and at third with two outs. But they survived it.

When Aroldis Chapman struck out Jose Ramirez on a foul tip to finish it off, Wrigley Field turned into a good old-fashioned Sunday night revival meeting. They cheered, they sang, they prayed. Nobody wanted to leave.

The Cubs found new life.

Their afterlife starts Tuesday night in Cleveland.