New territory.

So, now the Rangers get back to seeing what kind of team they really have.

By all accounts they have the best top-of-the-rotation they’ve ever had, courtesy of Corey Kluber, Lance Lynne, and Mike Minor. Who knows what they will get out of the four and five of Kyle Gibson and Jordan Lyles but it cannot be any worse than what they have gotten from their Dollar General arms over the past three years, whose names should be forgotten because their performances certainly were.

So, they are certainly much stronger in the rotation. There was a question with Gibson. He has a health issue that would have allowed him to bow out of the season if he wanted to but he has said he will play. And Jordan Lyles is operating on the strength of one really incredible eleven-game run once he was traded to the Brewers mid-season of 2019. Suddenly, a guy with a 5.11 career ERA went 7-1 with an ERA of 2.45, and seemed like a different pitcher. Which Jordan Lyles will the Rangers get?

Waiting in the wings are promising but not there yet arms like Kolby Allard and Joe Palumbo. 

For the first time maybe forever the Rangers are going into a season relying on proven, dominating pitching to carry the load.

They are moving into a new Ballpark. And totally new territory. It will be exciting to see both.