No debate. 48 comments

It was deGrom and Snell for Cy Youngs. A lot of debate about both, but in my opinion both were no brainers.

With deGrom it was he only had ten victories. With Snell it was he had the fewest innings pitched of any starter to win the award.

Neither had anything to do with either stat.

For deGrom, he cannot help that as he was having one of the most dominating seasons any pitcher has had in the past 60 years, his team was having one of the most inept seasons any team has had for a pitcher ever. They just couldn’t score a run when he was on the mound. If deGrom pitched for the Red Sox he would have won 28 games.

And how is it Snell’s fault that his manager pulls him so early in games? He is not asking to come out. It’s just a further manifestation of the coddling of starting pitchers. This is where the game is going. Soon starters won’t even have enough innings to qualify for the current requirement to win the ERA title, which is one inning pitched per game played by your team, or 162 innings.

Snell pitched just 18 innings more than the minimum required: 180.

Most purists argued that he didn’t deserve the award because the Cy Young should go to a workhorse.

Sadly, in this day and age, 180 is a workhorse. Soon they will have to alter the minimum innings. And soon they will have to change the scoring decision that a stater has to go at least five innings in order to get a win. Who is awarded the win will be up to the official scorer.

Baseball is changing. This Cy Young award vote is proof of that.

This year’s results are proof that at least they are still getting things right.