Non-stop baseball.

There’s a lot to like about this no off days format in the playoffs. This is one thing they should carry forward in non-COVID years but they probably won’t.

But this is more like the regular season. Just play. 

Off days allow for teams to use only a few relievers and even let starters pitch on short rest, or, like with Madison Bumgarner did, pitch every other game and come in out of the bullpen as well.

But with no off days, it’s all about depth. And the better team emerges.

This round it best of five so it’s not going to be as critical. But the next round will be a best of seven, and having no off days is going to come into play even more. 

With no off days, that means there are four more games today. It also means today could be elimination day for Oakland, who is running into Houston at the wrong time. Everything seems to be clicking for them.

The Rays tied their series with the Yankees, so today’s game is critical to get that 2-1 edge for one team.

In the National League, the teams expected to win, won. The Padres had the misfortune of having to play the best team in baseball this round. It’s doubtful anyone will stop the Dodgers. And the Marlins dream season might be coming to an end. They are the only team to have never lost a playoff series ever. Atlanta is going to try to break that streak.

So, let the baseball happen. There are enough off days in the off season. Play ball.