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Take a knee: With this home run, Adrian Beltre became the twenty-first playing in history with 5,000 or more total bases.


I don’t have enough superlatives for last night’s game. Literally. After seeing how the Rangers have been playing this year, I cut corners and didn’t order my normal full batch. I used what little ones I had left on Wednesday’s game. Who thought I would be needing more so soon?

Cole Hamels was brilliant. Rougned Odor returned from spring training. And the Rangers rolled to a 10-0 win over the Los Angeles Endless Pasta Bars of Mike Scioscia.

It’s the kind of game where afterward the manager and team get in front of the camera with swagger and say things like “this is what our really team is” forgetting that in 44 other games fans have seen what the team really is as well. And there are more of those games than these.

But it’s great to see this happen. The Rangers played really good.

Sorry, “really good” doesn’t do them justice, but it’s the only superlative I have left. I have a new shipment on backorder.

This two-game winning streak caught the superlative factory off guard.


Jesse Chavez (5-9, 4.97) vs. Tyson Ross (1-1, 6.41)
Game time: 8:05

How the Angels hit against Ross.
How the Rangers hit against Chavez.