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Joe Palumbo walks off the field after yielding five runs in the first and two more in the third.


The Rangers have had three starts so far this season from two pitchers they were desperately hoping to not have to use.

One from Taylor Hearn.

Two from Joe Palumbo.

Combined they have pitched 6.1 innings, giving up 15 hits, seven walks and 16 earned runs.

That’s a 22.86 ERA. And a WHIP of 3.49. That’s not good enough. That’s the state of the Rangers pitching development system. It’s a long way away.

Jon Daniels said he didn’t want to have to use Hearn or Palumbo this year. Curiously, though, he went and acquired Volquez, Miller, and Smyly, virtually assuring he would have to.

So now the Rangers have given up double-digit runs in three of the past four games. One started by Ariel Jurado. One started by Adrian Sampson. One started by Joe Palumbo.

Palumbo seems to be a prime candidate for an opener his next turn around in the rotation.. And nothing says you are not ready to take off the training wheels than having to have an opener.

If the Rangers can’t find some pitching, it’s not just going to be a long year, it’s going to be a long few years. There are no answers even close. It’s been two years away for the last five years.


Shane Bieber (6-2, 3.92) vs. Mike Minor (6-4, 2.63)
Game time: 1:05