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Adrian Beltre is back. In more ways than one. He reported to camp in Surprise on Monday. His presence is an intimidating force in the lineup, of course. But what he brings to the table is the intangible desire to win.

As T. R. Sullivan pointed out on on Monday, Beltre came to Surprise with a message. There are a lot of unsigned free agents who could help this team win and the Rangers should pursue them.

“That’s the idea,” Beltre said. “If you are a player, you would like to have the best team on paper and figure out how to win in the field.”

It has to be difficult to come to a camp that after an off-season as lackluster as the Rangers.

“I would like to be more satisfied, put it that way.”

Here is betting every Texas fan in Rangers nation feels the same way.

Glad to have Beltre back. On the field and in the clubhouse. He is the one guy everyone wants to see win a World Series. He’s 38, and will be 39 in early April. The chances of him winning that World Series with the Rangers are pretty slim. About the same odds as Adrian Beltre being a Ranger past the trade deadline.

Last year it was the countdown to 3000. This year it will be the countdown to goodbye.

That will be as bittersweet as last season was sweet.