Not so hot corner.

The Rangers depth chart at third actually looks more promising in the minor leagues than it does at the major league level. Well, promising in about three years.

But that’s then. This is now.

It’s Todd Frazier, Isiah Kiner-Falefa, Nick Solak, and Danny Santana, all the way from center.  Solak played more games at third, 14, than any other position in 2019, other than DH. Kiner-Falefa played 24 there, after his catching experiment failed and all the other Rangers options at third base failed.

Barring a trade, which seems like the most unlikely thing possible, which makes it the most liketly thing to happen, the bulk of the playing time is going to fall on Frazier. 

If there was ever a definition of damning with faint praise it’s that Frazier is an upgrade over what the Rangers ran out there last year. He had a slightly above average season, coming off one of the worst of his career in 2018. 

But, he will hit home runs, which is the bulk of the Rangers offense. And he can play defense. He may not be flashy. But he’s an upgrade. And, for a team built on the patchwork philosophy, that’s the best fans can hope for.