Not to worry.

At the beginning of the season, you’d have thought this next eleven-game stretch the Rangers have in their schedule would have been their death knell.

Four against Houston, four against New York, three more against Houston.

But the Astros are no longer a team to be feared. And the Yankees had the worst record in baseball just three weeks ago.

Sure, both teams are over .500. But just barely. The Yankees have clawed their way back to second place in the East. The Astros have done the same thing in the West. That says more about the real lack of quality teams in their divisions than it does about New York or Houston.

But neither team has that fear factor they used to have. And the Rangers aren’t the pushovers they once were, either. They have started to develop a can’t-put-them-down reputation. And that could be the difference in the next eleven games. 

While all three teams have been playing much better lately after slow starts, the Rangers have been scoring a lot and often late in games.

The Yankees bullpen has had a lot of injuries. It is not nearly as lights-out as it used to be. And the Astros starters are nowhere near as dominating as they were in the past.

So, don’t worry. It’s just another eleven-game stretch of the schedule. There really isn’t a dominating team in the American League right now. It’s wide open. 

The Rangers might as well force their way into the conversation.