Now it gets tough.

The road ahead gets really rocky for the next ten games.

Okay, the easy part of the schedule is over. The Rangers embarked on a three-city, nine-game road trip with a 22-27 record.

They come home still stuck at 22 wins.

Only now they face competition at the other end of the spectrum. The next ten-game stretch features three at home against Tampa Bay, the defending American League champs who also happen to be first in the A.L. East, two at home against San Francisco, who are in first in the N.L. West, three in LA against the Dodgers, who won the World Series and are knocking on the door of first place in the N.L. West, then two at Houston, also knocking on the door of first place.

That’s ten games against four of the best teams in baseball. After losing all nine against three of the worst.

But baseball makes no sense. This team could just as easily go 7-3 in that stretch as it can go 1-9. Remember, before this current nine-game losing streak, they swept a series against Houston. 

There are two causes for optimism.

One, they play, and hit, much better at home.

Two. eventually, they have to win a game. Don’t they?