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Newly returned second baseman Rougned Odor after hitting a two-run single and taking second on the throw home, his third hit of the night.


This will be short and sweet with a few observations from watching the Rangers at The Ballpark yesterday.

One, Rougned Odor belongs in the major leagues.

Two, Tanner Scheppers does not.

Three, Shin-Soo Choo is an adventure waiting to happen in right field.

Four, for now at least, so is Joey Gallo in left.

Five, Shawn Tolleson showed the psyche of closer by coming back the day after a loss and hanging a save.

Six, if you can’t save a three-run lead, you have no business being a pitcher. The three-run save might be the easiest stat to get in sports after the extra point in football.

Seven, it’s a better idea to build your bullpen in the offseason rather than in June.

Eight, no matter how smart you are, sometimes you just never know. The Rangers got their eleventh quality start in a row tonight, breaking the all-time team record and recording the longest such stretch this season in the Major leagues. From a rotation nobody would have ever imagined.