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The expression on Cubs manager Joe Maddon’s face says it all as Dodgers Justin Turner hits a game-ending three-run homer.


It turns out, the Texas Rangers did, in fact, make the playoffs. They just called themselves the Chicago Cubs.

Watching the Cubs hitters strike out twelve times last night seemed oddly familiar to what Rangers fans saw all season with their team.

Watching the bullpen implode seemed familiar too. Watching the manager bring in the wrong reliever at the end was all too familiar as well.

So was watching the Cubs wait around for the home run as the only way they could score.

Baseball has turned into a game of bullpens, strikeouts and waiting for the home run.

Last night’s Cubs-Dodgers game was a prime example of that on display.

The over-reliance on bullpens is a bit more understandable in the National League when the manager has to make the decision, Do I allow my pitcher to strike out here in this potential run-scoring situation or do I go to my bench for a pinch hitter to strike out?

But you are less likely to see a complete game in the National League Championship Series like we just saw in the AL side as you are seeing back-to-back base hits.

Those things are rarities.

In the end, the Los Angeles Dodgers bullpen outlasted the Chicago Cubs bullpen. The Dodgers are going to Chicago up two games to none.

And if the regular season didn’t confirm it, playing Rangers-style baseball is not how you win a Championship Series. You can’t even win a game that way.


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