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For once, the offensive hero, Rougned Odor.


Oh, what getting a hit with runners in scoring position can do for a team.

After falling behind early in what seemed to be another game where the offense fails to come through in the clutch, the Rangers crawled to the sixth inning down two runs, 4-2.

Then the sixth inning happened.

Seattle came bearing gifts. It was a classic melt down inning. And Martin Perez was nowhere near the mound.

The sixth inning had everything. A fan interference double. Two walks. A hit by pitch. And the impossibility of two runs scoring during a strikeout from a wild pitch and a passed ball.

Even more rare than the Rangers scoring two runs on a strikeout was what happened right after that: The Rangers scored a run with a hit. While a runner was at third. For real. It happened. They showed on TV last night. They even taped it for proof.

Runners in scoring position has been the Rangers’ Bermuda Triangle. It’s where rallies go to die. Luckily, luck was on the Rangers side for once. The Rangers took a 5-4 lead.

By the time the ninth inning rolled around, it was 5-5.

The Rangers loaded the bases again on two singles and a walk. Could this happened twice in one night?

Then the poster boy for offensive ineptitude came up to bat. And with one swing, he drove in three runs. With one swing he lifted a huge monkey off his back. With one swing he might have saved his job.

Rougned Odor hit a bases-clearing double. Ronald Guzman doubled him in. And the Rangers won 9-5.

Baseball has not been very good to the Texas Rangers or to Rougned Odor for a few years.

Last night, baseball was very very good to both.

Welcome back, Rougie. Feel free to stay.


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