Odor’s approach. 87 comments

The most disappointing player on the Rangers last year was Rougned Odor. Offensively, he was a train wreck.

The most scrutinized player on the Rangers his year will be Rougned Odor. He has to prove last season was a fluke.

T.R. Sullivan wrote about that yesterday on mlb.com. About Odor’s new two-strike approach. Instead of just flailing away wildly at any pitch thrown at him, he’s going to quit chasing and look for his one pitch.

His manager Jeff Banister calls it the “one-pitch, one-zone” approach.

Odor, who last year said, “this is my approach and I am not going to change” apparently got a good look at his stats over the off-season and realized he needed a new approach.

Odor as an offensive force will be vital to the Rangers hopes. This spring will be about seeing if he can learn plate discipline.