Off Broadway. 164 comments

The Rangers’ baseball show closed off Broadway yesterday. Mike Broadway that is.

Mike Broadway gave up the game-winning single to Ronald Guzman in a thankless task of coming in with two on, one out, and the two tying runs having already scored off his predecessor, Ian Gardeck.

In case you were among the millions of Texas Rangers fans who did not know this, Ronald Guzman plays for the Rangers. Well, for now, at least.

Soon he will go back and take his place in High-A or Double A ball. But he is no slouch.

Driving in runs is nothing new to Guzman. Last season, at Hickory and High Desert combined, Guzman drove in eighty-seven runs in just 131 games. That’s pretty impressive.

He’s a left-handed hitting first baseman with a bit of pop but a knack for producing runs. He turned twenty-one in October.

The great thing about spring training is you get to hear names you will never hear again. Ian Gardeck. Ronald Guzman. And Mike “Bone Crusher” Broadway, who after eleven seasons in four different systems, can only be called a career minor leaguer. It is not known how many bones he has actually crushed.

Although it was a meaningless spring game, the Rangers scored three runs in the bottom of the ninth to win. And even though it was just kids playing kids, it’s nice to instill in the system the ability to come from behind.