Offense finally.

New Ranger left fielder Brad Miller gets the season started with a lead-off homer.

From the first batter, it was obvious this wasn’t the same old Rangers. This wasn’t the flail at three pitches then go sit down with your bat in your hands Rangers. This wasn’t the strikeout out ten or a dozen or fifteen times per game Rangers, where scoring runs was going to be a problem, where the only time they got a man to second was in extra innings when he was gifted the base.

No, this is the Rangers offense that was advertised. And it was glorious.

Brad Miller, who the Rangers drafted in 2008 then chose to go to Clemson instead, led off the game—actually led off entire 2022 season—with a long home run to center. The new Rangers had arrived. They put the league on notice these aren’t the offensive patsies of old.

In fact, they chased Toronto’s ace out in the first inning, able to record only one out. The offense started early and kept going. 

Corey Seager got two hits and scored three runs. Mitch Garver did, too, including a two-run home run. Nathanial Lowe collected two hits and two RBIs as well. Adolis Garcia got in on the action late, hitting one out to right. 

When it was all said and done, the Rangers offense generated eight runs on the back of eight hits and five walks, three home runs, and what was most promising of all, just two strikeouts, both coming in the last inning.

All in all, it was fun to watch, a refreshing change of pace from the anemic Rangers we’ve seen the past half-decade. 

Then the Rangers pitching came in and ruined it all.