Offensive Dysfunction. 118 comments



This is a repeat photo from yesterday since it was pretty much the same situation: Adrian Beltre drove in some runs in the first and that was it.


One run in the first on Friday, then nothing.

Two runs in the first on Saturday, then basically shut down.

The Rangers are suffering from premature offense. They score early, then turn over in bed and fall asleep.

If there was Viagra for a baseball lineup, the Rangers need it.

Failure to seek offensive remedy will result in feelings of inadequacy, loss of interest, the inability to maintain standings and its related symptom, the inability to grasp wild cards, lack of motor skills in critical situations, nausea, high blood pressure, the presence of voices in your head telling you to give up. Itching, swelling, and some vomiting may occur.*


*Consult your commissioner if you experience a game lasting four hours or longer.


A.J. Griffin (6-4, 5.10) vs. Jharel Cotton (6-10, 5.63)
Game time: 3:05

How the Rangers hit against Cotton.
How the Athletics hit against Griffin.