Once again.

Maybe there is a dark rain cloud hanging over this franchise.  

The Washington Senators moved to Texas in 1972. That season was delayed by around ten days by a players’ strike, the work stoppage in baseball history.

Some teams lost as many as nine games, some as few as six. But none of the games were made up. So Boston lost the division title by half a game to Detroit. That was rough.

The Rangers lost eight games off their schedule. And they lost 100 games of the ones they ended up playing. It could have been worse.

Finally, after much wrangling and effort, the Rangers opened the shiny new Ballpark in Arlington in 1994. 

A players’ strike ended that season prematurely. Play halted August 11 when players walked off the job. No World Series. No nothing. Just darkness and anger and frustration.

To add more salt to the wound, the Rangers finished in first place for the first time in their mostly forgettable history. They were ten games under .500 at the time. And in first. 

It was probably for the better they just stopped playing and walked away from that mess.

Now, here we are, the Rangers have another brand spanking new Ballpark, with a roof, and once again the season will be delayed, most likely shortened. 

The baseball god has it out for the Rangers.