One-game showdown.

Only one series went the full five games. The Yankees and Rays play today to see who advances on.

The Yankees are sending out Garrit Cole on short rest. Of course they are. He is their pitcher. They gave him $36 million a year for today’s game. 

Not $36 million for the season. For one game. This one. He will earn roughly $500,000 per pitch.

Cole has pitched two games so far this post-season. He beat the Indians in the first round. He beast the Rays in the first game of this series, going six innings, giving up three earned runs. 

He struck out thirteen Indians and eight Rays. The Yankees are hoping he has one more gem in him. 

But Cole has never pitched a game on short rest. So this is all new territory.

The Rays are sending out Tyler Glasnow. On two day’s rest. This would normally be the day he would do his bullpen session after his start so they figure let him throw those pitches live. But if they don’t win, he will have a lot of day’s rest ahead of him.

Desperation has set in for both teams. It will be all hands on deck for this one. Every pitch matters. Especially the half-million-dollar pitches from Garrit Cole.