One last one.

Even when fans can attend, the Rangers can expect an empty ballpark.

This was the shortest season ever that felt like the longest season ever.

A Rangers loss today will seal their fate as the worst Rangers season ever. A win, and they barely escape their worst record in Texas Rangers history.

Either way, it’s nothing to be proud of. 

Only one team hit worse than the Rangers. And that was the Cincinnati Reds, who made the playoffs.

Only three rotations pitched worse than the Rangers. The Braves, who made the playoffs, the Red Sox, and the Tigers.

All in all, it was a miserable year. 

The only thing the Rangers made is a list of the most boring teams to watch. Rangers fans were spared from having to go to The Shed to watch this miserable excuse of a minor league team masquerading as major league. But, had fans been allowed to attend, Rangers management was spared the embarrassment of having a spanking new ballpark and no fans who want to come. Current attendance was only slightly less that what it would have been.

The shame is, the Rangers owners weren’t able to see just how little interest fans have in a bad baseball team. It might have, maybe, opened their eyes.

So now, the Rangers season comes to an end. Nobody is paying attention. 

It starts again in March. Will anyone care then? 


Chase De Jong (0-0, 14.73) vs. Jordan Lyles (1-6, 7.08)