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Yovanni Gallardo was alone on an island last night.

If you look at the score, at first blush you’d think he pitched a bad game. But, really, he was the only one last night wearing a Rangers uniform to do anything positive.

While he wasn’t as sharp as he would have liked to be, Gallardo was a marksman compared to Archie Bradley, who at one point had thrown twice as many balls as strikes, and had three walks and a hit batter in the first, after retiring the first two outs, to give the Rangers their only run (until they tacked on four valiant but meaningless runs in the ninth).

Adrian Beltre, of all people, threw away an out in the bottom of the first. He was thinking Prince Fielder was as tall as he was wide, because his throw was about five feet over Fielder’s head. When it finally landed and stopped rolling, the runner at first had scored, and the batter he was trying to get out at first ended up at third. Then he ended up scoring on a ground out to Beltre the next batter. Two runs scored that shouldn’t have scored.

In the third inning, Odor threw an easy out away, missing Fielder’s glove by two feet. The Diamondbacks took advantage and scored a third run.

In the fifth, with a runner on first and two outs, Gallardo gets Trumbo to hit a looping fly ball out to Leonys Martin in center. Only, Martin in center didn’t catch it. It bounced out of his glove and the runner at first scored yet another gift run.

All Gallardo could do is pitch his heart out and wonder why these guys can’t field behind him.

Or why they can’t hit in front of him.

Archie Bradley put the win up on a tee. The Rangers walked and walked and walked and walked. But couldn’t score more than one run..

In fact, by the fifth inning, the Rangers didn’t have a hit until Gallardo led the inning off with a single up the middle.

The non-pitchers left him stranded. Perhaps the Rangers should find a league opposite of the AL, a league where only pitchers hit. They might be able to score some runs.

It was a sloppy, embarrassing game where the defense and offense phoned it in.

Texas had a chance to win its first series of the year, to pick up its first two-game winning streak, but, alas, these are the 2015 Texas Rangers.

Gallardo did everything he could. Unfortunately, it’s a team sport.