Opening days past.

This year’s opening day starter de jour: Jon Gray.

When Jon Gray takes the mound tomorrow evening against the Blue Jays, it will be fourteen straight years the Rangers failed to have back-to-back opening day starters. In fact, in that time, only Cole Hamels drew more than one opening day start.

That’s a sign of a team without pitching. Really, the only thing approaching having an ace was the three-year period when both Hamels and Yu Darvish both wore Rangers uniforms. Matt Harrison looked like he could have been but a back injury derailed what could have been real promise.

Other than that, it’s been a litany of stop gaps, fillers, arms for hire and other fleeting pitchers.

Looking at the list, you see a lot of forgettable names, a couple of oh-yeah-I-remember hims, and a head scratcher or two.

2020: Kyle Gibson
2019: Mike Minor
2018: Cole Hamels
2017: Yu Darvish
2016: Cole Hamels
2015: Yovani Gallardo
2014: Tanner Scheppers
2013: Matt Harrison
2012: Colby Lewis
2011: C.J. Wilson
2010: Scott Feldman
2009: Kevin Milwood
2008: Kevin Milwood

With any luck, the Rangers could be developing a pitcher who is actually worthy of a string of opening day starts.

This team could use an ace.