Optimism from within. 15 comments

“Going into the new ballpark, you want to put the best product you can going into a new stadium like that. I think that you are starting to see him build now for then. But you look at what the As did last year, and with the offense that Texas already has, that’s already been there, hey, if we pitch and play defense, we’re going to be able to score with anybody. So, you are starting to see things going where if you are putting pitching together, maybe we can pitch a little bit. We’ve got some guys who have been around, we can help some of the younger guys coming up because they’ve got some arms that are coming up that have the ability to do well at the big-league level. So, you put all those things together and you never know what will happen on the pitching side. Offensively, if a few guys take the next step, because you’ve got thirty- and forty-home run guys in the lineup already, so you look at this that way, if we pitch and play defense, we got a chance. If you stay healthy and everyone does what they are supposed to do, you have a chance to win. You look at what they have as a whole, what they are trying to build, especially with the new coaching staff.”

Lance Lynn, on why he signed with Texas.