Otto struggles again.

Marcus Semien goes 2-for-4 including his ninth home run in the Rangers 4-3 loss to the Mets.

Glen Otto’s last two starts have not been pretty. Sunday, he gave up six earned runs in just two innings. Last night, four earned in four innings. But that came off winning three decisions in a row.

So, is a 5.63 ERA good enough? Depends. In most rotations, that would be a no. But in this ever emerging Rangers rotation, it might be there is no other option.

Otto wasn’t in the Rangers rotation to begin with. He replaced Spencer Howard who, after three starts, crashed and burned. Howard pitched three innings, then two, then one-point-two. Basically, he was just a bad opener. Really bad. Like 12.15 bad.

Howard lost his slot in the rotation. Otto replaced him. But now that Taylor Hearn has lost his slot, what are the options? Can they do with anything with Glenn Otto? If they are going to replace him, who do they replace him with?

Spencer Howard has not shown he is a major-league-caliber starter. He’s 0-4 with the Rangers, with an ERA north of 10.00. In eleven starts as a Ranger, he has never pitched into the fifth inning. And only once into the fourth. He’s not an innings eater. He is more like innings anorexic. 

Nobody in the minor leagues seems ready to step up. Maybe Garrett Richards. He’s started 152 games in his career, and had some really good years with the Angels.

Maybe Brock Burke. 

But before the Rangers decide who would take Otto’s place in the rotation, they still need to decide who will take Taylor Hearn’s place.

Too many places. Not enough faces.

The Rangers saga continues.