Three months in the books.

Adolis Garcia is the top Rangers hitter after three months of play, leading the team in OPS, AVG, RBIs, and tied for the lead in HRs.

The first three months of the season are in the books. Well, because of the lockout ending so late, it’s more like two-and-a-half months. Still, while there have been ups and downs, at least it’s a book that’s holding your interest. Unlike like year when you wanted to douse it with lighter fluid and watch it burn.

The Rangers start July two games under .500, at 36-38. Last year on July 1, they were 31-49, eighteen games under. That’s a huge improvement. 

Last year, the Rangers had cemented themselves in last by this time. This year, they’re in second place. But that’s only because it’s a one-team division. Nobody else in the division wants to win. Despite sitting in second, Texas is still eleven games out. 

Their most dramatic turn-around is their road record. The Rangers are 19-18 on the road. Last season, on July 1, they were 11-28 on the road. That included sixteen consecutive road losses. They were swept in five consecutive series on the road.

On July 1, they were 20-21 at home in 2021 (hey, that’s a numerologists dream). This year, 17-20.

A few other random facts. Their longest winning streak is four. Longest losing streak is five. The most games under .500 they’ve been is eight.

The most runs they’ve allowed in a game is fourteen, to the Tigers. The most runs they’ve scored in a game is twelve, against Toronto in the opening series of the season.

All in all, the team is looking up. 

From the opening day roster, gone are hitters Willie Calhoun, Andy Ibañez and Nick Solak, and pitchers Albert Abreu, Kolby Allard, Taylor Hearn, Greg Holland, and Spencer Howard.

That’s turning over nearly thirty percent of their major league roster. It was much needed, especially after their 7-14 April. 

They are getting better. Month by month. Position by position. That’s all a fan can ask for. That, and not subjecting us to the intolerable brand of baseball we were subjected to the past five years.