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Elvis Andrus scores on a wild pitch by Astros closer Ken Giles for the Rangers lone run in an opening day 4-1 loss.


Three pitches into the game, the Rangers were down 1-0. It just seems like it’s going to be one of those seasons.

But, don’t panic. It’s just one game. The first one. There are still 161 more. So no need to get all worked up. This was, after all, against the best pitcher from the best team in baseball. The Rangers really didn’t have a chance from the beginning. They are, after all, not the best team in baseball and don’t have an offense capable of keeping up with a guy like Justin Verlander when he was on. Few teams do.

And yesterday he was on.

But there are positives to take away from yesterday’s 4-1 opening day loss. First of all, it wasn’t 4-0. The Rangers scored a run. Their first of the season. It took until the ninth inning but Rangers fans were confident the Rangers would score a run this year. And they did.

Yes it was gifted by a wild pitch. So now Rangers fans get to look forward to the team’s first RBI of the season, and who will drive that run in. Ooooo, the suspense is suspenseful.

Secondly, Rangers pitching struck out thirteen Astros. This was the toughest team to strike out in all of baseball last season.

Hamels came into the season with a goal of getting more strikeouts, and he struck out seven in 5.2 innings. The bullpen was good enough. Banister started his Captain Hook imitation early and just kept marching out relievers needlessly.

It’s just the first game and he already used four pitchers from the bullpen. Four, to get ten outs. Leclerc, Martin, and Jepsen did well. Matt Bush did not. But that’s what you can expect. It’s a numbers game. You have to expect someone to be off. The way Banister over-manages, he will burn out his bullpen by Saturday.

There were a few other positives.

Elvis Andrus continued his hot hitting. It started in Surprise and carried over to Arlington, going 2-for-3 with a walk, the only extra base hit, scoring the only run. There are 161 more games to enjoy him as a Ranger. Make the most of it.

Rougned Odor got a hit and a walk. Yes, he got picked off of first but that’s understandable. He was so bad last season, he wasn’t familiar with first base and the rules of engagement there. Give him some time to acclimate and learn what to do once on a base.

Adrian Beltre also got two hits. Nothing should ever amaze anyone about what he does. Unfortunately the more he does, the more likely he will be a Yankee at the trade deadline.

This season isn’t about wins, which is good, it’s doubtful there will be many.

This season is about finding positives.

There might not be a lot of reasons to break out the ! key this year, so we need to use it while we can.

The Rangers scored a run! The Rangers got an extra-base hit! Odor won’t bat .000 this season!

Baseball is back!


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