Patience, please.

Rangers management sticking with Odor at second.

For any Rangers fan who thought Derek Dietrich’s spark plug of a debut at second base for the Rangers on Wednesday night meant that he was now the second baseman for the Rangers every night, sorry.

Rangers manager Chris Woodward made it clear yesterday that Rougned Odor is still the Rangers starting second baseman. He was merely given a “mental break” to clear his head.

Woodward told Odor, “Get with the hitting coaches and let’s figure this thing out.”

It doesn’t take someone adept at manager-speak to understand what that means. “Let’s figure this thing out” means he will be allowed to figure it out as long as he needs. While he is in the lineup.

As if 2017 wasn’t a chance to figure it out. Or 2018. Or 2019. Or his first twelve games of 2020. 

If I’m given four years to figure out calculus and I can’t figure out calculus, I’m not going to figure out calculus. But the military isn’t going to risking having me working on making bombs with my failed calculus skills. They will put me on something I am more suited for. Like pushing the mail cart.  

The Rangers don’t work that way. If you are bad at something, take four years to figure it out. If you need more time, take more.

The general manager has been given thirteen years to figure out how to draft players. It’s a process.

Be patient, Rangers fans, these things take time. Give Odor a few more seasons at second to see if it clicks. That’s all Chris Woodward is asking.

A little patience.


Lance Lynn (1-2, 5.79) vs. Ryan Castellani (0-0, 0.00)