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So now that the playoffs are set, I will boldly predict the outcome. I can guarantee with 100 percent certainty that I will be totally wrong.

This is not who I want to win, this is who I think will win.

American League:
Yankees vs Indians: Yankees.
Astros vs Red Sox: Astros.

Yankees vs Astros: Yankees.

National League:
Diamondbacks vs Dodgers: Diamondbacks.
Cubs vs Nationals: Nationals.

Diamondbacks vs Nationals: Nationals.

World Series:
Yankees vs Nationals: Nationals.

Of course, it could go the opposite way. What do I know?



Chris Sale (17-8, 2.90) vs. Justin Verlander (15-8, 3.36)
Game time: 3:08 on MLB Network

How the Red Sox hit against Verlander.
How the Astros hit against Sale.


Sonny Gray (10-12, 3.55) vs Trevor Bauer (17-9, 4.19)
Game time: 6:38 on FS1

How the Yankees hit against Bauer.
How the Indians hit against Gray.