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At the beginning of the season, many of the RR3 faithful made predictions on the upcoming season. I tried to capture as many of those as I could. (If I missed yours, I am sorry). Some of us even predicted the Rangers would win the World Series.

Here they are, in no particular order:

Rangers win 94. Banister will do whatever it takes to win. I think that he’s the kind of person that doesn’t have the word “lose” in his vocabulary.  Rangers win the West, play the Astros in the ALCS, go to the World Series.

AL West: Astros 91-71, Mariners 90-72 1st WC, TX 89-73 2nd WC
AL Central: Cleveland 89-73, KC 87-75
AL East: Toronto 92-70, NYY 88-74

ALDS: Astros, TX
ALCS: Astros

NL West : LAD 93-69, SFG 92-70 2nd WC
NL Central: Cubs 95-67, STL 93-69 1st WC
NL East: NYM 91-71, Marlins 89-73

NLCS: Cubs

WS : Cubs in 5 over Astros

Rangers win 91 games. It’ll be nip and tuck with Astros all year, neither team taking more than a 4 game lead in the standings. But a soft schedule the last two weeks of the season will allow Rangers to take the West outright.

Play Toronto in ALCS and win in 7.
Play Giants in WS and Rangers win in 6.

Astros to win division and Rangers to win American League flag. Still hoping for Texas AL championship series.

Rangers win 91 games, win the AL banner, Stros and Mariners go down to the wire battling for 2 place in the AL West. A’s last place in ALWest but the fallen one do their best to end up in last place in AL West.

AL West: Astros 91 wins, Rangers 86 wins, Mariners 84 wins
AL Central: Royals 88 wins, Indians 85 wins
AL East: Jays 93 wins, Red Sox 88 wins, Yankees 87 wins

NL West: Giants 90 wins, Dodgers 88 wins
NL Central: Cubs 95 wins, Cardinals 93 wins, Pirates 92 wins
NL East: Nationals 92 wins, Mets 91 wins

Rangers 88 wins. I really think they’re better than that, but the Astros are going to be good, we know, and the Ms could be a factor. And I’d rather be wrong for guessing too low than for guessing too high.

TX (Rangers win 87 games)


Cubs beat Mets for NL
Astros beat TX for AL

Astros win the WS for Scary

I predict the Rangers will win 90 games this year and the West again. Hopefully more 🙂

I predict 92 wins for the Rangers and the Division Title again. Further, I think we win it all this year. Yes, the WS.

Rangers: 100 wins – win it all.

Wins 91
HRs 204: Prince 32, MM 28, Odor 23, Beltre 20
Pitcher: Perez 17 Wins, 3.56 ERA
Come Back Player: Rua
MVP: Odor
Surprise: Matt Bush
Elvis: .279, 18 Errors

WS Jays/Cubs
How about those cubbies?

Houston 91, Texas 88, Angels 79

Texas 96 wins, Angels 88 wins, Houston 78 wins

Rowdy Yates:
Rangers 90-72 Wild Card, lose in the AL Championship

AL Champs – Houston
NL Champs – Cubs

WS Champs – Houston

Rangers HR leader: Beltre 28 followed by Odor 25
Rangers ERA and wins leader: Hamels 3.28 and 17 wins
Saves: Dyson 21, Tolleson 14
Rangers starting All Stars: Beltre, Odor, Hamels
Rua will lead team in doubles
By May 1st regular OF will be Rua LF, Desmond CF, Choo RF.
Griffin as 5th starter to begin season. Was sure Martinez would be 5th guy but after watching the last outing against Colorado not sure he can make the AAA Express team.
Gimenez and Ciriaco don’t make team, Alberto does.
Dyson ends yr as closer.

Rangers 93 wins in a tough AL.
Jays vs. Cubs in the WS. CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN!

AL West: Rangers (91 wins), Astros
Seattle has an outside shot to make it. The Angels have not enough pitching, not enough offense and way too much Arte Moreno. Oakland is the weakest of the division.

AL Central: Royals, Tigers
Cleveland didn’t have enough offense last year and won’t have enough this year. Minnesota has enough offense but not enough pitching. It’s hard to remember that Chicago has a second major league team.

AL East: Blue Jays, Yankees
Everybody is high on the Red Sox but David Price and Craig Kimball don’t add twenty wins to a bad team that will remain mostly bad. Tampa Bay can’t buy a hit, literally. Baltimore spent all their money on a strikeout machine named Chris Davis.

NL West: Giants
The Diamondbacks are going to surprise everyone—by not making the playoffs. The Dodgers are a mess. San Diego is messier. Colorado is one of the five NL teams that has already thrown in the towel.

NL Central: Cardinals, Cubs, Pirates
Three great teams in this division get to feast off two teams that have given up in the Reds and the Brewers, neither of which has enough talent to compete at the Triple-A level other than Joey Votto of the Reds.

East: Mets, Nationals
Miami is easily the third best team in the division but that’s because the other two have already been mathematically eliminated from having major league talent. The Phillies have stiff competition this year for last place from the Braves. Should be a disinteresting race.

World Series: Astros vs Giants, Giants win

First off, I would like to thank Kevin for posting “my” predictions as well as his. In other words, there’s little to disagree with concerning his selections, especially the statement that the Angels “have too much Arte Moreno.” But we are really in line with his views about the AL East. The Boston Red Sox were, as he accurately puts it, a bad team last year and didn’t upgrade enough to warrant being a division favorite. The Price-Kimbrell combo won’t add significant numbers to a 78-win team from 2015.

All-Star Game in San Diego
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