Projected lineup. 22 comments

Another filler article on, this one was about each team’s predicted lineup if the season started today. Good thing the season doesn’t start today because the Rangers need to find a third baseman.

But, here it is nonetheless:


1. Delino DeShields, CF
2. Elvis Andrus, SS
3. Shin-Soo Choo,DH
4. Nomar Mazara, RF
5. Joey Gallo, LF
6. Rougned Odor, 2B
7. Ronald Guzman, 1B
8. Patrick Wisdom,3B
9. Jeff Mathis,C

There are a few problems with this scenario.

One, if the season started today, the game wouldn’t be televised because there are no games on the TV schedule today. Also, the Ballpark would be empty because there are no tickets sold for today. So, there’s a flaw in this thinking.

Two, this lineup does not strike fear in the hearts of anyone but paying Rangers fans. As it is right now, the eight and nine holes are dead zones.

Jeff Mathis is a career .198 hitter. You can look at that a couple different ways. One, that’s nearly two hundred points higher than anyone reading this blog right now. Or, that’s only four points lower than Joey Gallo’s career average.

Patrick Wisdom, in his brief MLB career, strikes out once every three plate appearances. That’s slightly less than Joey Gallo territory. And that’s not any neighborhood anyone wants to own property in.

Luckily, the season doesn’t start today. The Rangers have a chance to get a proper third baseman. The Rangers have a chance to get a catcher who’s been on first enough not to need Google Maps to find it.

Right now this is more like police lineup. Its criminal.