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Joey Gallo punches a single through the infield to drive in two in the bottom of the seventh, putting the Rangers ahead 6-4.


The Rangers have beaten Yu Darvish, Cole Hamels, and Justin Verlander. No slouches in the bunch.

Each one had a lead and lost it. Lost the lead. Lost command. Lost their composure.

Lost it.

So, the question is this: Is the Rangers patient new approach the reason these top of the rotation pitchers are being reduced to also rans? Or, did the Rangers get the benefit of running into these top of the rotation pitchers on nights when their stuff wasn’t the best?

It’s a bit too early to tell but perhaps the Rangers offense is frustrating some really good pitchers. Perhaps they are putting the ball where Rangers normally swing and it’s not happening. Perhaps the Rangers aren’t getting themselves out and are finally demanding pitchers get them out. And perhaps these three quality pitchers weren’t able to make the adjustments.

It sure seems that way.

Justin Verlander looked way too normal last night. Was that a fluke? Or was that the Rangers?

While the Rangers starters are not going deep into games, fortunately the offense is. After last night’s 6-4 victory over the Astros, the Rangers have had to come behind in every victory.

Down 3-0, then 6-1 against Darvish and the Cubs on Saturday, they came back to win 8-6.

Down 4-0, then 8-5 against Hamels and the Cubs on Sunday, they stormed back to win 11-10.

Down 2-0 against Verlander and the Astros last night, they chipped away and won 6-4.

Tonight will be telling. Like Verlander before him, Gerrit Cole is a bonafide ace. If the Rangers can befuddle him, they might be onto something.

It’s fun watching the other guys’ pitcher do the walk of shame off the mound for once.


Gerrit Cole (0-1, 1.50) vs. Mike Minor (0-1, 11.57)
Game time: 7:05