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His offense staked him to an early lead, and Drew Hutchinson was able to pick up his second win.


Full disclosure. I didn’t watch a single pitch of last night’s game. I’m in New York. It was a Friday night.

For the first time in nearly two seasons, Rangers fans have reason for optimism.

They won’t win a division anytime soon, barring some miracle where Martin Perez sprouts Clayton Kershaw wings. But the offense is a fun group to watch. A fun group to root for. And in some cases, knowing the pitching they are handicapped with, you root even more for these guys.

It’s like having a three-legged dog.

But one thing is worth noting. The Rangers offense has been doing some amazing things lately without Beltre.

While that’s good, that they don’t have to rely on Adrian, the sad part is, this is the first very real indication that the end might be near for Adrian Beltre.

He hinted at it at the trade deadline. I am sure this recent injury isn’t going to help the cause. And one thing is for sure, Adrian isn’t going to reveal his decision because he is not the kind of guy who wants the Adrian Beltre Forced Adulation Goodbye Tour.

So, revel in what the Rangers are doing. The baton is being passed to the young guys. Mazara, Profar, Guzman, Odor, Gallo, Kiner-Falefa, Calhoun. It’s promising young offense. And promising young offense usually gets better.

It’s too bad they are being sent out to the front line without any ammunition.


Andrew Heaney (7-7, 3.38) vs. Martin Perez (2-5, 6.71)
Game time: 7:05

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