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Every so often, T.R. Sullivan answers fans’ questions about the Rangers on mlb.com. Here are a few questions he answered yesterday:

Q: Do you think Jon Daniels will be exploring trades from our depth of left-handed-hitting corner outfielders/designated hitters—Nomar Mazara, Willie Calhoun, Shin-Soo Choo—in order to get young pitching?

A: Yes. First of all, Daniels explores everything. Secondly, he has made it clear that the Rangers have some depth in the outfield that could be earmarked for pitching help. Mazara would definitely get the most in return, followed by Joey Gallo. Calhoun still has potential, but he is not likely to command a front-line pitcher. Then there is Choo. His once-forbidden contract is now down to two years, $42 million. That’s getting to be more attractive, especially to potential American League suitors, because he has been performing at a high rate. The idea that Choo had a “bad contract” needing to be unloaded has always been a dubious view, and it appears to be diminishing by the year.

Q: Since Beltre is now retired and Jurickson Profar is projected to take over at third base, do you expect his defense to improve? Or will the Rangers ask Gallo to move back to third, even though he doesn’t like it?

A: Expect Profar’s defense to improve drastically if he is anchored at one position. Profar has always been a physically gifted athlete, and also one with a high baseball IQ. That has allowed him to bounce from one position to another and thrive in the role, but the opportunity to stay in one spot has to be of great benefit defensively.

Q: Not that there is anything wrong with them, but do you foresee any upgrades to the Rangers’ uniforms in 2020 to go along with the new stadium? Except for minor tweaks, it has been a while.

A: Yes. The Rangers did that in 1994 when they moved into the Ballpark in Arlington and switched to the once-iconic red uniforms that many remember so fondly. Texas got away from that over the years, but it would seem a new ballpark is the perfect time to make multiple cosmetic changes to the organization. New uniforms should be on that list.