Rangers do what they had to do. 174 comments

Hunter Pence hits a first-inning homer in the Rangers 4-3 win over Baltimore.


The remedial part of the schedule is over for a while. Now the Rangers play a team that is in the upper half of the loser’s bracket with them.

Oakland won 97 games last season. They had a recent run where they won ten in a row. While they aren’t elite, they are, like the Rangers, one of the better also-rans. What they did last year was remarkable.

After going 5-2 in seven games against the two worst teams in the American League, the Rangers are about to embark on an seven-day, eight-game stretch against teams that are good. And doing it without Joey Gallo.

This will be the true test of if this team is for real.


Brett Anderson (6-4, 3.95) vs. Lance Lynn (7-4, 4.50)
Game time: 7:05