Rangers get a new GM. (For a day.)

For one day, Rangers fans dream came true. A new general manager, finally. 

Too bad it was Joel Sherman, on MLB Network TV, playing Rangers GM for The Day. But it’s a start. 

You can watch the entire thing here. But here are the Cliff notes. As he points out, the Rangers have been 40 games under .500 over the last three years due mostly to key young players “not firing the way the thought they would.” Not enough quality. Not enough depth. No cornerstone. 

Yep, he nailed it. They have a lot of work to do.

Among his suggestions are:

1. Signing Rendon at third. Put him there, build around him. Agree.

2. Improving the pitching by going under the radar, a Jon Daniels specialty, with Michael Pineda, who still has 39 games left to serve on his PED suspension, or Brett Anderson, injured but effective when not. Yes, in theory this makes the Rangers better. A one-armed pitcher with arm problems would make the Rangers better. I don’t want a PED guy, though.

3. A bad contract for bad contract swap. Boston wants to dump salary. David Price for Elvis Andrus and a prospect and put Andrus at second, or Nate Eovaldi for Rougned Odor and a prospect. This would be ideal for both teams. Yes on both, especially the second. EPA regulations make it hard to dump toxic waste. Anything to move Odor works and makes the Rangers better, especially if it brings a quality starter with it. 

That was yesterday. Today is a new day with the same old GM. Here’s hoping he has the offseason of his career.