Rangers give one away.

Terry Rodrigues, with his 10.45 ERA, was asked to shut down the Rockies. He couldn’t.

Sometimes, maybe, you lose a game to win a few more. 

The Rangers went into Denver to play the horrible Colorado Rockies, a team everybody is beating often, and lost the first game of a three-game series 4-2.

Bruce Bochy’s starting lineup didn’t include Josh Smith or Evan Carter or Travis Jankoswki.

When it came time to shut down the game, his bullpen didn’t include David Robertson or Kirby Yates.

Even so, the Rangers worst players should be able to beat this woeful Rockies team. But they didn’t. Instead, the Rockies became the final team in baseball to win back-to-back games. Yes, six weeks into the season this team had not won consecutive games.

With Thursday’s off day, and yesterday’s day off for many players, Bochy gave them, essentially, a nice two-day vacation. Hopefully the idea was to keep them fresh for the long haul. Because the Rangers gave away a game they should otherwise have won.

Will the Rangers suffer the embarrassment of being the first team to lose a series to the Rockies? 

There’s a two-word answer for that: Andrew Heaney.