Rangers give this one away.

Dane Dunning was brilliant in the 5 2/3 innings he was allowed to be in last night’s game.

You have to feel for Dane Dunning. His defense let him down. His offense let him down. Then his manager let him down. 

A bad throw from Joey Gallo that sailed over the third baseman’s head allowed the first run to score. Jose Trevino forgetting to tag the runner at home allowed the second run to score. His cowering manager who freaked out when he got past 70 pitches allowed the third, fourth, and fifth runs to score.

Never mind the Rangers were down 2-0. Dane Dunning was dominating. He got two outs in the sixth, but made the cardinal sin of allowing a baserunner. So, a by-the-book manager, instructed by his by-the-computer analytics department, takes Dunning out of a game that was still very winnable.

And all that happened next was a double, a triple, and a single. Three runs scored. 

The game was no longer winnable. 

Dane Dunning gets the L. He is a team player. He is wearing it for his defense. For his offense. And mostly for his manager who threw up the white flag in the sixth and gave this game away.