Rangers make a statement.

The Rangers came into their three-game series against Houston wanting to make a statement.




They made one. Loud and clear. 

“We were humbled, humiliated, taught a lesson, overpowered, overwhelmed, routed, baffled, conquered, taken to the woodshed, cowed, crushed, discombobulated, licked, treated like a punching bag, overcome, beaten like a drum, mastered, subjugated, thwarted, beaten like a redheaded stepchild, trounced, undone, vanquished, broken, browbeaten, crushed, beat to a pulp, demoralized, disheartened, bowled over, buried, dragged through the mud, tenderized like a bad slice of beef, defeated, destroyed, broken, beat down, worked over, pummeled, jolly stomped, facially rearranged, smacked down, whupped, foiled, owned, cooked, done in, abandoned at the street corner, wrecked, shown the pavement, knocked senseless, routed, and thoroughly embarrassed.”