Rangers turn on power switch.

Ranger rounding third: Sam Huff hits his first major league career home run.

Gallo. Tejeda. Huff. Odor. Dietrich.

The Rangers hit five home runs yesterday. It usually takes this team a month to hit five home runs. 

That was fun. And that was a glaring reminder of how huge the Rangers lack of power is.

The five games before yesterday, Texas scored 1.6 runs per game. They won one of those, a 1-0 shutout.

You can’t expect a team to hit five home runs in a game. But you also can’t expect them to go with the long stretch of homerless games the Rangers have this season, many times.

You can’t fall too much in love with power or you will have a bunch of one-dimensional players. The Rangers have two in Gallo and Odor. They can do only one thing and that is to hit home runs. A team can carry them if they have a balanced offensive attack. The Rangers don’t.

So, while Jon Daniels said he was not going to bring in anyone over the off-season to get in the way of the development of these young players, he absolutely has to find a power bat.

After all, the Rangers are going to have the benefit of feasting off Angels pitching in only a handful of games next year. 

They need a legitimate power bat for the rest of the games. 


Kyle Gibson (2-5, 5.18) vs. Dylan Bundy (5-3, 3.12)