Rangers won, maybe.

Elvis Andrus’s home run seemed to throw the entire universe out of whack.

The Rangers won yesterday. It’s so rare they don’t even know how to handle it.

Here is the score from texasrangers.com.

Apparently, the Rangers are unaware of the concept of the team with the big T logo having more runs than the team they are playing. 

Either that or, in order to save money, their cheap owners only bought numbers up to 5.

Contrary to what the Rangers website says, the Rangers actually won yesterday. In extra innings. Come from behind. When the other team played sloppy baseball. 

Wait, maybe that’s what threw off the Rangers. They saw a team out there that lost a game by throwing the ball around and they figured it had to be them.

After Elvis Andrus tied the game 4-4 in the top of the ninth with his first home run of the season, the game went into extras. Elvis hit it off Pressly, which made it more fantastic.

As the Rangers usually do, they needed help to score their runs in the tenth. They got it with a balk to score the go-ahead run and two errors.

Scott Heineman was the ghost runner at second to start the tenth. Choo grounded him to third. The Astros balked him home.

Kiner-Falefa reached on an error. 

Then Gallo came up and did an un-Gallo like thing. He bunted. The Astros catcher made a really wild throw to first, so wild the ball went far enough way that Kiner-Falefa was able to score from first. 

And the Rangers won. Yes, the Rangers won. No, really, the Rangers won.

Now, somebody needs to tell that to the Rangers. It seems nobody is as surprised as they are.


Kolby Allard (0-3, 6.50) vs. Cristian Javier (3-1, 3.77)