Ready, set, wait.

It’s ready. And it looks wonderful.

The Rangers new ballpark was set to open today. Instead, this worldwide mess.

No throwing out the first pitch to christen the new park. No throwing out the first insult at Rougned Odor. Both will have to wait.

No first home run or first strikeout of other firsts that are duly recorded and put away on a shelf.

No Rangers first home victory, home walk-off win. Those, too, will come eventually. And, hopefully, that first World Series championship.

It was a rainy Tuesday morning, with sunshine expected at what would have been game time, a temperatures in the high 60s. Perfect open-roof weather. By the time this season gets going, it will be in the oven-like 100s. Perfect closed-roof weather.

A few specs: It seats 40,300 fans. It’s 329 feet down the left field line, the 29 in honor of Adrian Beltre. The wall in left then goes to 334 to honor Nolan Ryan, then to 372 in left center, 72 being the year the Rangers moved to Arlington. The deepest distance is 410, as in Michael Young ten. Straight away centerfield is 407, for Pudge Rodriquez. Continuing around to right it goes to 374 in right center, 74 being the Rangers first winning season, and 326 down the right field line, the 26 in honor of Johnny Oates. Joey Gallo will make those right field dimensions even shorter. And, from home plate to the backstop is 42 feet in honor of Jackie Robinson.

Roof open, roof closed. Dollar hot dog night. The Hoooooooooooooot Dooooooooog vendor. Dot races. All those things will have to wait.

But they will be worth the wait. Until then, I am going to go to the garage and open and close my garage door, just to get the experience.