For the second time this road trip, Choo homers on the first pitch of the game.

There’s a reason pre-season numbers are worthless. Nobody is doing what they do in regular season situations against regular season competition. 

So the outcome is nothing but a fluke.

This year, the grand illusion was even bigger.

Rangers relievers put up impressive numbers in the summer camp. So, it appeared the bullpen was going to be a strength. But it was all smoke and mirrors.

Then the season started. And reality set in.

And Rangers relievers no long had the luxury of pitching against Rangers hitters. Suddenly, they no longer were dominating. 

It’s easy to look Cy Young-worthy when you are facing Rangers hitters. But when you have to face major league hitting, it gets much tougher, as the Rangers bullpen saw once again last night. 

The Rangers have only 50 games left. That means they have only 50 chances to blow leads. 

In this strange season, you have to look at the bright side.


Mike Minor (0-2, 5.91)  vs. Mike Fiers (0-0, 5.40)