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On a positive note, Sam Dyson lowered his ERA last night from 36.00 to 33.00, by allowing only three earned runs in one inning of work.


Did you ever go to sleep and have one of those recurring nightmares? Like you discover you didn’t finish high school and had to go back and retake classes? Or your fingernails keep falling off? Or someone is chasing you and you cannot run?

Or Sam Dyson is your closer?

Perhaps you fell asleep last night with the Rangers up 5-0, or even 5-1. When you woke up today you discovered the Rangers bullpen had another epic meltdown, and the Rangers lost 6-5.

The Sam Dyson recurring nightmare you keep having is real. Last night Dyson entered a 5-2 game, and immediately surrendered a home run to Danny Espinosa. Then he gave up a double to Yunel Escobar, a double to Mike Trout and a single to Albert Pujols.

And just like that, it was 5-5.

The Angels were celebrating their second amazing ninth-inning rally, having scored seven runs in the ninth on Sunday against Seattle.

The Rangers bullpen losing the game in the tenth was merely a formality, a foregone conclusion. A rubber stamping of the ineptitude that is the Rangers bullpen so far in 2017.

The first road trip of the year began exactly as the season itself began.

With the Rangers bullpen blowing a 5-1 lead.

It’s easy to blame Dyson; he is the ringleader. But nearly everybody is to blame in this bullpen. And until they get it figured out, this season will be a recurring nightmare.


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A.J. Griffin (0-0, 10.84) vs. Jesse Chavez (1-0, 1.59)
Game time: 9:07

How the Rangers hit against Chavez.
How the Angels hit against Griffin.