Remembering fun.

Isiah Kiner-Falefa went 3-for-5 with a single, triple, and a home run to lead the Rangers to an 8-6 thriller at home.

When you watch a game like last night’s, you remember how much fun good baseball is to watch. You remember what it’s like to watch it every night. You remember how much fun it was to go to the Ballpark and watch a good Rangers team win.

And you remember 2011 was ten years ago. It was ten years ago when the Rangers had their second consecutive World Series run. And it was five years ago when they had that run of two consecutive trips to the playoffs.

Other than that, it’s been mostly bad basebal. 

But games like last night night’s make you remember when baseball can be fun for more than one random night. The Rangers were down 2-0, grabbed a 3-2 lead, went down again, 5-3, came back again 7-5, then 7-6, then 8-6. They got the offense when they needed it. They got the bullpen when they needed it.

Offense is fun. Comebacks are fun. Lead changes are fun. Getting out of bases loaded jams is fun. Winning is fun.

Here’s a hint to ownership. If you had a fun team to watch on a nightly basis, you might have a packed house on a nightly basis.

Just a thought.