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A third-inning home run by Shin-Soo Choo is as close as the Rangers would get Friday night in Oakland.


Once the Rangers clawed back to .500, was there any man, woman or child in America who thought they would get back over the hump? Especially playing the Athletics?

This has been their MO the entire season. Win lose win lose win lose win lose win lose.

After their four-game winning streak that followed a five-game losing streak, Texas was sh for a loss. Expecting this team to sniff the rare air of over .500 is expecting too much.

At this point of the season, won-lost records can be deceiving. Oakland is playing much better than its 69-73 record would suggest. The Athletics are the second-best team in the division this month. They have some under-the-radar rookies like Matt Olson and Matt Chapman who are making a name for themselves in the anonymity of Oakland.

And the Rangers are starting guys like Nick Martinez. With playoff aspirations, mind you. He’s 0-4 with a 6.80 ERA in his last six starts. He is, sadly, the cream of the Rangers farm system.

So now, with nine games left, the Rangers are 3.5 games from the second wild card. Not out of it, but in a world of hurt. Back under .500, where they seem to be most comfortable.

The Rangers can beat the weaker teams like Los Anaheim and Seattle. It struggles against better teams. Unfortunately, the Rangers have six more against the Athletics and three more against the Astros.


Miguel Gonzalez (8-11, 4.75) vs. Sean Manaea (11-10, 4.56)
Game time: 8:05

How the Rangers hit against Manaea.
How the Athletics hit against Gonzalez.