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Elvis Andrus got a scare when he was hit in the hand in the first inning, bringing back memories of having his elbow fractured by a pitch early last season.


Last year, the Rangers were 3-7 in Oakland.

In 2017, they were 1-8.

There’s something about playing in the sewage dump that the Athletics call home that Texas can’t overcome.

Actually, in the smallest of sample sizes, there’s something about playing on the road that the Rangers can’t overcome so far this season.

Texas is 10-4 at home. 2-5 on the road. Again, small sample size, but when the Rangers hit the road, they seem to leave their bats at home.

In their five road losses, they’ve scored a total of eight runs. Last night, the offense was on travel mode as well. With two on in the first, they didn’t score. With two on in the second, they didn’t score.

They had a runner on in the fourth, in the fifth, in the sixth, and didn’t score. At home, the Rangers string together hits, they score runs in bunches, they make the most of every opportunity. On the road, they just want to get back to the hotel and sleep. On the road, they can’t seem to buy a clutch hit.

It’s happened the past two years.  They were 33-48 on the road in 2018 and 37-44 in 2017. This year they are on pace to be 23-58 on the road.

The Rangers need a better travel agent.


Lance Lynn (2-1, 4.44) vs. Frankie Montas (3-1, 2.70)
Game time: 9:07