Road kill.

Wes Benjamin left the game with a 3-1 lead but watched his team lose 7-3.

Things that don’t travel well:

Drive-thru French fries.


Flammable liquids.

Ice cream cones.


The Texas Rangers.

The Rangers come home for their final four home games with their tail between their legs after being swept in Arizona, losing seven out of nine games on their final road trip of the season.

The road show couldn’t end soon enough. In this abbreviated season, the Rangers went a shameful 6-24 on the road.

That’s a winning percentage of .200. Or, more aptly, a losing percentage of .800. They lost eight out of every ten games they played away from their new ballpark, which they complained is too hard to hit in. 

In a regular 162-game season, playing .200 baseball would yield 16 road wins. 

The 1899 Cleveland Spiders lost 101 road games. They played 154 games a season back then. Cleveland was so bad nobody showed up to their games so the team eventually just played on the road.

They had 122 road games. They won 11.

So, as we welcome the Rangers home for their final four against Houston, do so in the smug glow of knowing they aren’t the Cleveland Spiders.

Well, sort of not. 


Cristian Javier (4-2, 3.33) vs. Lance Lynn (6-2, 2.53)