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An Adrian Beltre home run was all the offense the Rangers could scare up.

An Adrian Beltre home run was all the offense the Rangers could scare up.


Somebody told Martin Perez that yesterday’s game was a road game. Because Road Martin showed up. And when Road Martin shows up, the Rangers end up as road kill.

Martin Perez is the most frustrating Rangers pitcher on the staff. He has all the tools to be an ace. He just can’t figure out what to build with those tools.

He’s like a puppy that isn’t quite house broken. You love the little guy, but when you come back home and he’s chewed up your slippers and taken a dump on your new rug.

You can’t trust him.

Last night Perez took a dump on the Rangers chances of winning with another almost performance. Almost good enough. Except for those six runs he gave up in fewer than six innings.

It’s the second straight game he has given up six earned runs, and the first time this season he has given up more than three at home.

Combine that with the fact that the Rangers barely avoided being shut out for the fourth time in twelve games, and it all adds up to a loss to the Cleveland Indians in a forgettable game.

This huge series between division leaders is even now at a game apiece. But the advantage is with the Rangers. Because Martin Perez is not expected to pitch in either of the next two games.


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Carlos Carrasco (9-6, 3.12) vs. A. J. Griffin (5-3, 4.68)
Game time: 7:05

How the Indians hit against Carrasco.
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