Seager and Jung return.

Like a machine, Corey Seager returns from surgery and months of not stepping into a batter’s box against live pitching in game competition and all he does is go 2-for-2. 

Josh Jung didn’t skip a beat, either. He injured his calf within fifteen minutes of the first practice of spring training. His two- to three-week recovery period turned out to be five weeks. But, in his first at-bat of the spring, he singles.

Suddenly, as the Rangers close out another year in Surprise, Arizona, the Rangers appear to be at full strength again, with two more practice games (Monday and Tuesday at The Shed against Boston) to go until Thursday’s opening day. 

And, just as suddenly, opportunities for guys to make the opening day roster as injury replacements just evaporated. Nathanial Lowe’s injury is the only opportunity now. 

Of course, there are the usual suspects in Ezequiel Duran and Josh Smith. Of the two, Smith had the more productive spring. 

Cameron Cauley had a great spring, much more productive than almost anyone else. But he’s not played above A-Level. The twenty-year-old put himself on the map, though. 

Davis Wendzel had a great spring, too. But he’s twenty-six and hasn’t played well enough in the minor leagues to crack the Rangers roster. 

Jared Walsh exploded out of spring training but has cooled off since. Even so, his .830 OPS is impressive enough to get consideration, especially considering he’s a legitimate major league first baseman, and first base is the hole the Rangers need to fill. 

Like Walsh, Justin Foscue bolted out of the gate but has since cooled off. Like Walsh, Foscue can play first base, but hasn’t played there much.

Matt Duffy had a very nice spring batting average-wise, but displayed little power or ability to drive in runs. And now that Josh Jung is back, the Rangers probably have no need for the veteran third baseman. 

And Jose Barrero, the shortstop and outfielder they claimed off waivers from the Reds, did very little in his seventeen at-bats, hitting .059. Any magic the Rangers were hoping for from this once highly-touted prospect failed to materialize. 

With Lowe’s injury, the Rangers have three open slots on the position player roster (assuming they, like every other team, carry thirteen pitchers, that leaves thirteen position player spots). 

Three slots for Duran, Smith, Foscue, Duffy, and Walsh. 

Three slots and two more games to decide.