Shopping lists.

Jon Daniels has already gone on record saying the Rangers are not going to pursue any major free agent signings this off-season. And he may very well stick to that.

But where it gets somewhat tricky is that they need to have some measure of hope if they are interested in selling tickets in 2021, assuming, of course, they can.

There has to be some excitement, some news, some reason to get a fan base interested in a team that finished with the worst record in the American League in 2020.

In the unlikely event they do, indeed, dive into the pool of competitiveness, or simply if you want to dream a little dream, below are the top free agents available right now.

With a little bit of creativity, and a bit of money, the Rangers could put a competitive team on the field. If they want to.

J.T. Realmuto
James McCann
Yadier Molina
Kurt Suzuki
Mike Zunino

D.J. LeMahieu
Carlos Santana
Daniel Murphy

D.J. LeMahieu
Kike Hernandez
Caesar Hernandez

D.J. LeMahieu
Justin Turner 

Didi Gregorius
Marcus Semien
Andrelton Simmons

Michael Brantley
Marcell Ozuna
Joc Pederson
Robbie Grossman

George Springer
Kevin Pillar

Josh Reddick
Adam Eaton

Nelson Cruz
Edwin Encarnacion
Shin-Soo Choo

Trevor Bauer
Charlie Morton
Masahiro Tanaka
James Paxton
Jon Lester
Marcus Stroman 

Brad Hand
Liam Hendriks
Alex Colome
Shane Green
Sean Doolittle